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About and our Instant Payday Loans is an online Lender & Broker of Instant Payday Loans catering for your emergency borrowing needs. Our sole aim is to assist you to resolve your need for a small loan by providing a responsible, professional service.

Established in 2012, our Business is relatively new but has an extensive Support Network of very experienced Partner’s and Affiliates. This ensures that only the very best Service is provided to you.

Our highly-capable British Staff understand the UK Market and what our Customers want from a local Consumer Credit Finance company. Working in the short-term loan (Payday and instalment) sector is our speciality.

We are a small, Family business and like to think of ourselves as ‘old-school’ in terms of that personal touch. We speak to you. We help you.

Why Instant Payday Loans? 

Our Mission is to provide you with a ‘instant’ payday loan as quickly as possible.

In order to achieve this, we provide you with a secure Application Form that is easy and straight-forward to understand and use, that gives us all the information we need to process your Loan request.

Once you press Submit on the Form, we go straight to work. First our Decision Engine matches all the fields on the application with our internal rules and algorithms. If all is fine, then approval is within 5 minutes; a near ‘instant’ payday loan by usual lender approval standards.

Should we require further information to support your loan request, we may need to contact you to discuss what we need to understand or know. Don’t worry, this is always via email. We will never call you since that would be intrusive and we respect your privacy. Your loan with us is kept just between us.

In any event, we would aim to have your funds in your chosen Bank Account on the very same day. Not quite “instant payday loans” but close enough so as not to make much difference in reality.

Why choose us for your Short Term loan?

We understand the rigors of everyday Life and that financial emergencies do happen. We appreciate that these can leave you with unforeseen payments to be made such as vehicle repairs, pet medical bills and the like.

Budgets aren’t always able to be met and this is when an instant payday loan can be very useful. Remember, these loans are only for immediate cash needs and only when you know you have funds arriving that will allow you to repay your loan. If you find yourself in any kind of difficultly, please call us, we can help.

This is one of the many good reasons to use us, we will not penalise you for a late repayment and instead would much rather work with you to make sure you are not in any financial difficulties.

We listen to what you want from us, what you expect from us. Your borrowing needs are our focus. At just 0.4% per day, we offer the cheapest low cost payday loans in the UK today.

We operate under CCL No. 672828.

A transparent service:

We calculate the total amount repayable before offering our loans. We show you all the figures clearly before you accept the loan. This includes the interest and the full cost to ensure it is absolutely clear and we never change the rate that we charge you.

You will receive a SECCI Agreement along with a Loan Agreement for review prior to signing. Please read both documents carefully before you agree to the Loan. Before applying , please familiarise yourself with our Terms and Conditions too.

Once you are completely satisfied, sign and return – all electronically.

We do not use the Continuous Payment Authority favoured by most other Lenders. Instead, we trust you will make the repayment you need to on the agreed date. In this way your Privacy is respected and Data and Bank Account secured.

For your safety all loans given through us accord to Data Protection and Consumer Lending guidelines. 

Representative Example:

Borrow£250 for 25 days
Interest rate146% pa (fixed)
One repayment of£275
Representative302.1% APR